Women have their own risk factors for heart disease

by: | February 10, 2017

You’re probably aware of the importance of heart health. No doubt you’ve heard the advice to keep fit and active, and to stay on top of your cholesterol levels, as preventative measures against heart disease and stroke.

But when it comes to heart disease, did you know that women have a unique set of risk factors to be aware of?

One of the key players here: estrogen. It turns out estrogen can be a protector of heart health, and its presence in women’s bodies often shields them from heart disease until they hit menopause. However, there are some cases where this protection can be compromised—and a few situations unique to women where they might be at an increased risk.

Want to find out more? This article has everything you need to know, plus preventative tips that will help women keep their hearts healthy for years to come.